Technical Assistant I / II - Functional Genomics Platform#00269

TITLE: Technical Assistant I / II - Functional Genomics Platform

CLASSIFICATION: Exempt: Research Staff

REPORTS TO:Principal Investigator or other supervisory laboratory personnel

The Functional Genomics Platform is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual who is interested in supporting a diverse set of large-scale lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9 screening projects (for example, understanding how genetic variability contributes to selective liabilities in cancer). The Functional Genomics Platform assists other researchers in designing, performing, and interpreting the results of genome-wide loss-of-function screens in mammalian cells.


Designs and performs bench-level experiments and small independent research projects to support scientific research objectives of the platform. Analyzes experimental data, addresses methodological problems in experimental protocols and results and reports data to supervisor. Uses discretion in prioritizing and organizing workflow and in optimizing methodologies and results. Works as part of a team to execute high-throughput lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9-based screens, including maintaining cultured cell lines, lentivirus production, infection of cultured cells, and screening in a high-throughput facility. 


  • In consultation with the supervisor or other project manager, designs and/or conducts bench level experiments and small independent research projects.
  • Performs cell culture on up to 20 cell lines. Accurately monitors for contamination and cell line fidelity.
  • Documents, compiles, and assists in interpreting experimental data. Reports data in oral and written reports. Troubleshoots methods to improve current research protocols.
  • Independently operates and maintains lab equipment and prepares and orders necessary supply stocks. Works with vendors to address equipment, reagent, or supply issues.
  • Attends team meetings. May participate in scientific conferences and contribute to scientific journals.
  • Consults with literature and scientific staff to maintain professional expertise.
  • Other tasks as required or assigned.



  • Bachelor's degree in biology or a field directly related to the work. 
  • Proficiency in basic lab techniques and principles of molecular biology.
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
  • Exceptional organizational and critical thinking skills; careful lab notebook practices and attention to detail are essential.
  • Knowledge of various scientific databases and publications.
  • Ability to exercise judgment within defined practices and techniques.


At least one year of experience working in a biomedical research laboratory.

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