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Request for Research Materials (Lindquist Lab)

Requests for Research Materials

Thank you for your interest in our work. Our policy is to make available all published reagents created in our lab. Many of our reagents can be obtained from external sources, so please check the information below before making a request.

  1. Plasmids
  2. Yeast Strains
  3. Antibodies
  4. Drugs/Small Molecules
  5. Mouse Strains
  6. Drosophila stocks


    Our published plasmids are sent out by Addgene, a non-profit plasmid repository. These reagents can be directly ordered from Addgene for a nominal fee.

    You can search Addgene’s database here:

    For a plasmid not found in Addgene’s database, please fill out the online request form below.

    Yeast Gal-ORF expression library: This library used for genetic screens described in Cooper et al. (2006), Gitler at al. (2009) and Treusch et al. (2011) is available from the Harvard Institute of Proteomics, contact:

  2. YEAST:

    We strongly suggest requesting plasmids instead of yeast strains. The strains are exposed to X-rays during the shipping process and can accumulate mutations. Further, different lab strains behave differently and it is best to use the strains you know best.

    To request a yeast strain, please fill out the online request form below.

    Please note, that all alpha-synuclein and Abeta regents require an MTA. One will be sent to you after you fill out the online request form.


    We no longer send out any antibodies as these are either very old and/or available from a commercial source.

    Alternative sources for specific antibodies:

    Hsp70 monoclonal 7.10 Drosophila antibody Velazquez et al. (1983) Affinity Bioreagents #MA3-001
    Hsp70 monoclonal 7FB antibody Velazquez & Lindquist (1984) StressMarq SMC-230D
    Hsp104 polyclonal antibody Sanchez & Lindquist (1990) Stressgen Bioreagents #SPA-104D
    Sup35 peptide antibody Patino et al. (1996) Not available
    Hsp82 peptide antibody Borkovich et al. (1989) Not available
    Rnq1 polyclonal antibody Sondheimer & Lindquist (2000) Not available
  4. Drugs/Small Molecules

    NAB2, Rsp5/Nedd4 network inhibitor, published in Science. 2013 Nov 22;342(6161):979-83 is available from EMD Millipore:

    Gepinacin is acetamide, N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-[3-(2-methylpropoxy) phenoxy; the CAS registry is 304692-07-7. Gepinacin was purchased from Ryan Scientific, Inc. and published in ACS Chem Biol. 2012 Sep 21;7(9):1520-8.


    If you want to request a published mouse strain, please send an email to Lindquist_admin (at) wi dot mit dot edu.

    Please note that we are unable to send out hsf -/- mouse strains since these were generated by Ivor Benjamin, who is currently at University of Utah.


    We no longer maintain Drosophila stocks. Some can be obtained from the Bloomington stock center. FLP stocks can be obtained from Kent Golic at University of Utah.


You must fill out the form completely in order for your request to be fulfilled. Please be specific: a request for “an hsp70 plasmid” or “an hsp82 mutant” is NOT sufficient.

We can only send reagents via FedEx.

Reagent Request Form

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